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Argan Oil Beauty For Hair

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Benefits of Argan Beauté’s

Argan oil for hair

Our hair is essentially composed of keratin, lipids, water and mineral salts. In order to stay healthy, they need nutrition and hydration. This beauty elixir is often present in the compositions of shampoos and conditioners, but often in too small a quantity to have a real effect on the hair.


1. Argan oil repairs and nourishes in depth and protects lengths and ends

You can use Argan Beauté’s pure Argan oil on a daily basis and after significant exposure to bad weather (sun, wind, cold) to nourish and repair your weakened hair.


The composition of Argan oil is also useful in preventing external aggressions on your hair such as:

  • The heat of styling appliances

  • Coloring, bleaching or chemical straightening

  • Synthetic shampoos or shampoos unsuitable for your hair type

  • Pollution

  • UV rays 

  • Salty, chlorinated water 

  • Synthetic styling products like hairspray, gel, etc.


All these generate the production of free radicals (called oxidative stress) which can lead to the drying and damage of your hair, particularly at the ends. Argan oil, highly concentrated in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, helps to coat the hair fiber so that it is less exposed to the impact of external agents. That allow thus limiting the appearance of split ends.


2. Argan oil moisturizes hair

Sebum, produced naturally by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, protects the hair fiber by creating a hydrolipidic film all around it. It acts as a barrier against water evaporation and helps maintain, protect and regulate hair hydration. Frequent washing, the use of drying shampoos or styling products or even pollution and bad weather, degrade this hydrolipidic film and expose the hair to dehydration. Argan oil is an ideal treatment to strengthen this protective barrier.


3. Argan oil strengthens hair

Argan oil helps restore strength and vitality to your hair and protect the hair fiber. It smoothes the scales of porous hair to make it supple, resistant, disciplined and tackles frizz.


4. Argan oil gives volume, redefines curls

Argan oil is the ally of your frizzy, wavy or curly hair. It intensely nourishes and coats the hair fiber. Your hair is softened, which helps structure and reshape your curls. Apply the oil directly to your fingers on dry or damp hair and work the curl as you wish.


5. Argan oil restores hair’s shine and radiance 

By deeply regenerating your hair, Argan oil restores shine and radiance from root to tip. Dull, tired or even highlighted, colored hair becomes silky, soft and luminous again. 

Argan oil does not affect colouring and is absolutely compatible with your colored hair.


6. Argan oil for hair growth

Applied in the form of circular massages of the scalp, Argan oil promotes growth by stimulating blood microcirculation, cell renewal and the production of keratin and sebum in the hair bulb.



Argan Beauté's rare and precious argan oil is extracted from the nut of the argan tree that grows in a small semi-desert UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Morocco.  View studies >

Argan Beauté

Our inspiration starts with the Moroccan Tree of Life, its amazing ability to adapt in the perilous conditions, its vital role in maintaining ecological balance, and extraordinary Argan oil.

Natural and organic active ingredients

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