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Over 15 years of experience in the manufacture & supply of own brand & private label cosmetic products, from initial concept to end product. Argan Beauté’s choice are pure bio oils for developing both innovative and traditional time-tested formulas, coupled with a passion for using natural and organic active ingredients.


Range from wholesalers, spas, salons & retail outlets to professionals in the beauty and therapy market in Europe and in the USA, such as ICI Paris XL, Di, Pro Duo, OCEBIO, Josie Maran...


All our formulas are created according to the quality standards of the European Union. We work only with high quality natural raw materials authorized for use in cosmetic personal care products under Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.


Are free of harmful chemicals, not dangerous for the environment and no laboratory animals have been used for their development We strictly follow the production technology with the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the cosmetics industry.


Is produced by various cooperatives, employing mainly women to improve their social status. Their participation in socioeconomic projects contributes to the preservation of the Argan forests in Morocco, added in 1998 to the list of UNESCO biosphere reserves. The production of our 100% pure organic argan oil offers impeccable quality. It is a demanding and laborious process, which was completely realized by hand until mechanical presses have been introduced recently. Neither solvent nor heat is used for this oil extraction. It is first cold pressed oil which makes for a high nutritive quality. It contains no artificial coloring, perfumes or preservatives that irritate the skin.


Our inspiration started with the Moroccan Tree of Life, its amazing ability to adapt in the desert, its vital role in maintaining ecological balance & economic situation and its extraordinary Argan oil’s characteristics. By its triple action- regenerating, hydrating and anti-oxidizing, Argan oil is a complete and performing skin care, a natural authentic fluid dedicated to the beauty& health of the skin.

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